Having English parents whose culinary skills were  somewhat lacking, to say the least, Paul realized that learning to cook was going to be a necessity if he was going to survive his English cultured home kitchen!

Paul's grandmother gets the credit for teaching Paul to cook his first dishes. He started simple, but later, Paul realized he really enjoyed cooking and luckily, he had a real knack for it too!

Already, at the age of 15, Paul began dreaming of a career in the food industry.

Wanting to make his dream a reality and eager to learn about the restaurant industry, Paul planned to broaden his horizons by leaving Australia.

Before leaving Australia in 1997, Paul worked in nearly every capacity food offered: cleaner, waiter, kitchen hand, and a cook. Some of the Melbourne eateries Paul worked at were: Limor's, Hungry Rosh and Ungars Kosher Catering.

In November 1997 Paul flew to London. Almost immediately, Paul found work as a waiter at the new, hip, kosher restaurant on Golders Green Rd, Cafe on the Green. Paul spent nearly 2 years working at the café. He also worked behind the bar and in the kitchen where he learned some great recipes and techniques from the chefs.  Paul also took the time to learn from the London Beit Din Mashgichim (kosher supervisors) who worked in the kitchen at Cafe on the Green.

Being abroad was a wonderful experience, but Paul yearned to be back in Israel. During Sukkot, 1999, he returned home to Israel. He proudly became an Israeli citizen in May 2001.  Some of the places Paul has worked at In the 10 plus years since his return, include:

*Vaquiero-Sous Chef/Grill
*Red Heifer - Head Chef
*The Great Synagogue -
   Sous Chef/Assistant Mashgiach
*Darna - Assistant Chef / Mashgiach
*Personal Chef in a variety of locations

The idea for BisBari came about after eating at other vegetarian restaurants and realizing that the vegetarian options weren't as good as they should be.  Sure the food was meatless, but most of the dishes weren't that healthy or especially tasty!

With the organic market in Israel growing faster than any other market in the world, Paul saw that  no one was actually catering for the kosher organic market. Recognizing the opportunity, Paul decided that after more than a decade of experience in the Jerusalem food industry, and over 20 years of international experience, it was time to go it alone and so he started Israel's first organic, kosher catering service :
BisBari-(Healthy Bite)
            orn in London, raised in Melbourne, Australia, and now living in Modiin, Israel, Paul's love of food began at a young age.
Biography of Chef Paul