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At BisBari, our menu is designed for health,
taste, freshness and enjoyment.

BisBari specializes in providing dishes for
those with special dietary requirements. 
Especially GLUTEN FREE dishes.

Ask for your customized menu designed to
meet your specific needs. 

A few notes about BisBari's dishes:

We are currently in the process of updating
our website in order to better serve you.  We
apologize for any inconvenience and thank
you for your patience.
* NEW * - Due to popular demand - BisBari is now serving basari / meat dishes. 
Contact us for more information.
BisBari's Dairy/Parve menu:
Our parve dishes are "b'cheskat chalavi".
We use certified organic ingredients, wherever possible. 
All of our dairy products are 'Chalav Israel'.
All orders can be customized to your kashrut and/or dietary requirements..
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